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Board Nominees

In accordance with the bylaws, the Board slate for fiscal year 2016-2017 is posted below and will be presented to the Garden membership at the annual membership meeting in September. As the bylaws provide, the period between July 1 and August 15 shall be available to the membership to submit the names of an alternate slate of candidates for the Board of Directors. Members of the Board serve a term of three (3) years for not more than two (2) complete consecutive terms.

For more information or to submit an alternate slate, contact Amy Hamilton, VP of Institutional Advancement, ahamilton@hsvbg.org or 256-830-4447 x239.

Board Candidates
Beth Richardson, Kyle Findlay, and Penny Billings to serve a second three-year term
Jan Smith to serve her first full three-year term after completing a 1 year vacancy term
Lana Ritch, Kim Lewis, Beth Sippel, David Bier, and Tharon Honeycutt for their first three-year term.