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Board Nominees

In accordance with the bylaws, the Board slate for fiscal year 2015-2016 is posted below and will be presented to the Garden membership at the annual membership meeting in September. As the bylaws provide, the period between July 1 and August 15 shall be available to the membership to submit the names of an alternate slate of candidates for the Board of Directors. Members of the Board serve a term of three (3) years for not more than two (2) complete consecutive terms.

For more information or to submit an alternate slate, contact Cynthia Potts, VP of Advancement, cpotts@hsvbg.org or 256-830-4447 x242.

Board Candidates
Jan Smith to fill a vacancy on the Board (1 year)
Reba Rogers, Joe Bergantz, and John Allen to serve a second three-year term
David Harbarger to serve his first full three-year term after completing a 1 year vacancy term
Kathy Tew, Cynthia Almodovar, Terry Lewis, and Paul Bogosian for their first three-year term.