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Cross Walk

  • Azalea Encore® Autumn Rouge™ - a late cold snap killed the first flush of blooms, but this second round of blooms are sure to impress; dark green foliage with deep red-pink flowers will continue to bloom until fall
  • Rudbeckia hirta (Black-eyed Susan) - bright, golden daisy-like flowers with dark centers; hardy perennial blooming all summer and a staple for the southern garden
  • Hydrangea paniculata ‘Pink Diamond’ - reliable, winter hardy and somewhat large shrub that blooming from July through September; flowers emerge white, turning to dark pink, and are great for arrangements or for drying
  • Liriope muscari (Lily Turf) - perfect choice for edging or ground covers; evergreen, with a mounded shape; spikes of flowers in deep purple maturing to black berries
  • Clerodendrum bungena (Peanut Butter Tree) - large suckering shrub with flat- topped, fragrant flowers of white throughout late summer; leaves smell like peanut butter when crushed

Four Seasons Garden

  • Pacysandra terminalis (Japanese Spurge) - superb ground cover providing a year-round blanket of green

Mathews Nature Trail/Fern Glade

  • Phlox paniculata (Garden Phlox) - long blooming perennial and southern staple blooming all summer in a range of colors, on tall stems that sway in the summer breezes
  • Malvaviscus arboreus (Turk’s Cap) - bright red, uniquely-shaped flowers; edible leaves, flowers and fruit; related to hibiscus, okra and cotton
  • Magnolia macrophylla (Big Leaf Magnolia) -wonderfully strange and prehistoric-looking tree noted for its large, oblong leaves; fragrant, cup-shaped flowers becoming cone-shaped fruits that mature to red in late summer
  • Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’ (Japanese Painted Fern) - popular fern with silvery hues accented by contrasting dark maroon midribs; perfect for shady, woodland gardens

Garden of the Month - Nature Center / Purdy Butterfly House
This beautiful display of perennials, annuals and shrubs provides a luscious habitat for the many varieties of butterflies and other critters that live there.

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    Rudbeckia hirta
    (Black-eyed Susan)

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