Your Garden

Things you could or should be doing in your garden ...


  • Begin planting for your fall garden:
    Beets, August 1
    Winter Squash, August 1
    Potatoes, August 1-15
    Beans, August 5-20
    Cabbage, August 10
    Lettuce, August 15-September 1
    Squash, August 15
    Radishes, September 1
    Spinach, Sept
    Onions,  October-February
  • Bermuda Lawns – last application of Nitrogen fertilizer
  • Fescue Lawns – first application of Nitrogen fertilizer, 1 lb. per 1000 sq.ft.
  • Divide and transplant spring blooming perennials such as peonies, iris and daylilies
  • Order bulbs for fall planting
  • Cut back leggy annuals; fertilize to stimulate new growth
  • Fescue Lawns – second application of Nitrogen fertilizer
  • Plant trees and shrubs
  • Harvest and freeze or can fall vegetables
  • Cut and dry hydrangea flower heads before first frost (average first freeze November 1st).