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September 2014

All Month
  • Deadhead – Deadhead – Deadhead to keep those flowers coming
  • As fall approaches, take a moment to write down the plants that worked well this summer so you can include them in your garden plans next year
  • Plan on adding a compost bin(s) to your garden before the fall leaves begin to pile up
Week One
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide (e.g., Dimension) for control of winter weeds such as chickweed, annual bluegrass (Poa annua) and henbit at this time
  • If broadleaf weeds are a problem, spray with a post-emergent product (such as Weed-B-Gon)
  • Fertilize fall blooming perennials such as chrysanthemums and salvias with a liquid fertilizer to boost blooms.
Week Two
  • Look to collect seeds of zinnias, cosmos, cleome, and four o’clocks to save for next year’s planting
  • Watch for fall web-worm nests in trees – you can disrupt their web and drown the caterpillars quite easily
  • Kill all weeds in areas that you wish to over-seed with fescue or rye grass
Week Three
  • Time to over-seed fescue lawns with turf-type fescue seed: 5-10 pounds per 1000 square feet is adequate
  • Look at your patio plants for insects and diseases; treat now for problems before bringing them inside next month
  • Keep hybrid tea roses dead-headed to encourage fall blooms
Week Four
  • Summer is over and it is time to think about your fall vegetable garden
  • Now is the perfect time to plant peony roots; both herbaceous and tree peonies prefer fall planting
  • Spring flowering bulbs start arriving in garden centers and can be purchased now, but wait to plant until soil temperatures are below 60 degrees F.
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