Your Garden

Things you could or should be doing in your garden ...


All Month
  • Prune grapes and bramble fruits.
  • Bring branches of forsythia, quince, pussy willow and flowering cherry inside to force blooms. Put in water and be sure to change water every 4 days.
  • Apply weed pre-emergent to control chickweed and dandelion; spot spray broadleaf weeds.
  • Sow broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and cabbage seeds inside.
  • Gardening burns 350 calories per hour; running the Race for Top Dog 5K will burn 300-400 calories.

All Month

  • Plant trees, shrubs and perennials.
  • Prune diseased, dead and crossed branches on trees and shrubs before the leaves emerge.
  • Divide summer and fall blooming perennials. Clean up old foliage to prevent spreading disease.
  • Lawns: begin fertilizing (1/2 lb. nitrogen per 1000 square feet); spot spray broadleaf weeds.
  • Raking burns 250 calories per hour.

All Month

  • When shopping for annuals and perennials at the Spring Plant Sale, look for ‘Proven Winner’ varieties. These have been tested for improved blooming, form and disease resistance.
  • Look for insect damage on Azaleas (lacebugs) and Boxwoods (leaf minor) and treat with Merit systemic insecticide.
  • Prune spring blooming shrubs AFTER they bloom.
  • Lawns: continue March fertilizer schedule; re-apply pre-emergent late in month.
  • Push-mowing your lawn will burn 300 calories per hour.