Camps and Classes

There are a variety of programs for children and teenagers at the Garden, including individual and family classes, camps for children, and birthday parties.

Please contact us on our new numbers:
Soozie Pline- or 256-837-4344
Misty Hertzig- or 256-837-4104

Imagination: Fueling Science Fall Break Camp
Monday October 5, 2015 - Friday October 9, 2015
Anderson Education Center

9 am-4:30 pm
For children 6 to 13 years old

Each day we will explore a different area of science with a variety of hands-on experiments and fun, outdoor educational activities.  We will talk about different scientists in each area of science and what their contributions were in understanding the world around them. 

Monday: Botany-Gregor Mendel, Barbara McClintock
Tuesday: Zoology-Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton, Jack Hanna, Dian Fossey
Wednesday: Biology-Rachel Carson, Edward O. Wilson, Jeff Corwin
Thursday: Chemistry-Louis Pasteur, Marie M. Daly
Friday: Ecology-Aldo Leopold 

Instructors: Misty Hertzig & Soozi Pline
Your child can come all week or you can pick your days.

Garden Member:  $40/day or $180/week
Non-member:  $50/day or $230/week

Registration and Payment

Early Drop-Off starting at 8:00 am
$5/day per child or $20/week
Registration and Payment Early Drop-Off

Questions? Contact Misty Hertzig 256-837-4104 or