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Fern Festival & Sale
Saturday May 31, 2014: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Fern Glade

Fern Festival and Sale, Saturday May 31

For twenty-one years now the Huntsville Fern Society has held its annual Fern Festival and Sale each May to offer North Alabama gardeners a unique opportunity. The Festival features an extensive variety of ferns for sale, as well as lots of advice on how to choose and grow these beautiful perennials in their gardens at home. Over forty different types of hardy outdoor ferns will be for sale, and members of the Fern Society will be on hand to answer questions and to give short seminars on growing and enjoying ferns.

Most of the ferns for sale will be displayed alongside mature examples of their type, so that visitors can see what to expect from each plant in the years to come. Popular and much-loved ferns, such as Maidenhairs, Autumn, and Ghost ferns will be available, as well as many unusual or hard-to-find ferns. In addition, a variety of ornamental mosses and other fern-allies will be for sale, including Arborvitae and Peacock spike mosses.

Short seminars on growing ferns will be offered during the morning beginning at 10 am. Most ferns sell for just $7, with a few special ones priced a bit higher. Cash or check only, please. All proceeds from the Festival go to enhance and maintain the Garden’s Fern Glade - the coolest, shadiest green space in all of Huntsville!

For more information, contact Fern Society president Veali Holtcamp at 256-828-0555 or

Membership/Garden admission required.